Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 2

Ever been stuck in a love triangle? I'm in one right now, involuntarily may I add, and it sucks. Although I think it would be easier on everyone that's involved if I just bounced and moved on. I've done it before and I can do it again. It was rough but it's not impossible. Just recently I had to move on from someone else. I cared about him a lot. I mean a lot more then I should have. I honestly don't know if he truly felt the same way about me but I know I did about him. He still gives me mixed signals but I think he has moved on. Or maybe hes pretending to cause he thinks that I've moved on. Whatever the case is, I'm still not 100% over him but I am a lot closer there then I was before. We're still friends and all but it's still kinda hard to pretend that the past never happened and that everything that you've done for each other, with each other and said to each other never happened. But what choice do I have. If I wanna move on to love someone else then I guess I'm gonna have to learn from this and move on. Leave the past in the past. That's my advice for today.Until next time...
P.S: If anybody has questions for me about anything, I'd be more then happy to answer them for you. You can be anonymous if you'd like too.


  1. Dont worry Prisca, everything will be alright in the end.. and as Naruto says "BELIVE IT!!" wow ive been watching that way too much lately.

  2. U so gotta get away from that anime.... haha i know it will. I just has to be ok... or i gotta make it ok