Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 1

First day of blogging. Never done anything like this before. I've kept diaries and journals in the past but never kept up with them. Someone always has to try to find dirt and stir up the trouble. As if I need anymore drama in my life.

I graduated High School early and started College less then a month later. I attend Kaplan College-North Hollywood and I'm majoring in X-Ray Technologist and Radiology Tech right after. I wanna get ahead of my friends in the game. No time to waste with the economy these days. I'm already half way through the program. I start my externship in March.

My personal life is way to complicated to explain. All I can say is this... I never got along with my father and I do not agree with his lifestyle and his business dealings. He hasnt talked or even looked at me since he found out that I had a boyfriend at school. My mom ...well, she does her best but she's very fragile and had a hard time raising me with postpartum depression so my Grandmother basically taught me everything. My sister is chill. She prefers to keep to herself most of the time. It's probably for the better with our disoriented family. She is considered to be a dark and detached when it comes to feelings. No body ever knows how or what shes feeling. It's like wearing a poker face. And my brother is cool too. I fight with him the most but I also get along with him the best. He doesnt like to deal with family issues. But I dont blame him. Who would? He has big dreams. He wants to go pro in the BMX and Motorcross indusrty. He's actually pretty good but my family does not support him watsoever in that decision.

A little more about me. Ummm. I ride dirt bikes. I have a 150 Honda. I like to draw, mainly sketch. I like to listen to rock music such as Three Days Grace, Seether, Saving Abel, Sick Puppies, 12 Stones, Rise Against and some other stuff like Slipknot and Linkin Park, Lifehouse. I will pretty much listen to almost everything but my favs are rock and metal bands. I'm the kind of girl that gets along better with guys then with girls. Fact is most all of my friends are guys except for 2. My best friend is a guy. He's actually 8 years older then me but I''ve known him for a long long time. My style would have to be casual with individuality. I am a strong believer in the the idea that women can do whatever that a guy can. I hate the idea of being weak. I'm all for independance and freedom of choice. Thats all I can think of right now. Till next time...Laterz

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